Supporting the Fowler Museum 

The Fowler depends on your generous support. While the Fowler Museum receives partial funding from the state, the University of California, private foundations, and federal agencies, gifts from our patrons help fund the majority of our exhibitions, publications, and educational programs that enrich the lives of over 65,000 visitors each year. They also help us care for and conserve our collections, underwrite capital improvements, and expand our educational outreach to the community.

You can support the Fowler in many ways:

With your ongoing support, we can continue to bring the diversity and creativity of world arts to Los Angeles, and beyond.

Double Your Impact

In 2016, Jay and Deborah Last made a landmark gift of $1 million and pledged an additional $14 million as a matching challenge to attract new donors who will join them in supporting the Fowler Museum. Read on to learn more.