X93.31.2 Beaded Cap

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Beaded Cap
Yoruba peoples
Glass beads, thread, cloth, burlap, cardboard
c. 1920’s-1930’s
H: 13 cm, Diam: 19 cm (H: 5.1 in, Diam: 7.4 in)
Fowler Museum at UCLA. Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Hammer. X93.31.2


The central projection marks the site of medicines protecting the initiated head of the ruler. From the site radiate six lines and designs (diamonds and triangles) that fragment and energize the entire surface of the cap. The ancient triad of cool, hot, and warm hues joins the colonial chromatics of pink, pale blue, and yellow to create a bold, dynamic, shimmering surface.

Source: Drewal, H., Mason, J. (1998). “Beads, Body, and Soul – Art and Light in the Yoruba Universe”, Los Angeles: UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History. page 210