X87.1321 Pendant

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Mikisi Mihasi
Luba peoples
Katanga Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo
18th-19th century
Hippopotamus tusk
H: 10.0 cm, D: 3.0 cm, W: 5.5 cm (H: 3.9 in, D: 1.2 in, W: 2.2 in)
The Jerome L. Joss Collection. X87.1321


A number of Central African peoples make and wear elegant ivory pendants and combs as prestige items. Pende ornaments depicting a human face are worn around the neck and are prized for their coolness and whiteness. Luba made sculptures from ivory, bone, and horn to honor the memory of particular ancestors and attached their pendants to a cord or belt with other amulets, beads, and horns, which they wore diagonally across the torso.

Intersections: World Arts, Local Lives.