X2007.5.1 Lasiren and Ezili of the Waters

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Lasiren and Ezili of the Waters
Artist: Samuel Francois
Cardboard, sequins, beads, glitter, plastic dolls, wigs
H: 205.8 cm (81.0 in)
Fowler Museum at UCLA. Gift of Marilyn Houlberg. X2007.5.1


Samuel Francois uses manufactured dolls in this tower-like assemblage celebrating water spirits of Vodou. Separated into two sections, the top altar features three representations of Lasiren. The bottom altar, based on a European chromolithograph of the Mater Dolorosa (Our Lady of Sorrow), features a sequined and bejeweled doll who represents Ezili Freda, considered by some to be the sister of Lasiren.

Source: Drewal, Henry John. (2008) “Mami Wata: Arts for Water Spirits in Africa and Its Diasporas”, Los Angeles, UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History. page 156