X2002.33.11 Mask

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Katoyo or Chindele (foreigner)
Ngangela or Mbunda peoples
Angola or Zambia
Late 19th-20th century
H: 24.0 cm, W: 16.0 cm, D: 5.1 cm (H: 9.4 in, W: 6.3 in, D: 2.0 in)
Museum purchase with funds provided by Jay T. Last. X2002.33.11


This Katoyo or Chindele mask is carved with an outer ridge that would have once supported an elaborate coiffure behind its top edge and a fiber beard attached to the holes at the bottom. The typically Mbunda forehead wrinkles are incised above one eye only. These lines have been extended vertically, directly above the bridge of the nose, to indicate a form of scarification mark known as kangongo, or ”tail of the mouse.”