Family Visits

Family Visit 2

Suggestions for your Visit

transparent-green-checkmark-hiSeveral short visits to the museum are better than one long visit. Children will let you know when they’ve had enough.

transparent-green-checkmark-hiJumpstart your child’s visual literacy by asking open-ended questions about the artworks, like

  • Who made it?
  • What was it made to do?
  • What materials were used by the artist?
  • Encourage your child to think about the peoples and cultures whose works of art are on view. At the same time, what can these works teach us about ourselves?

transparent-green-checkmark-hiGuide your children to notice certain gallery cues that will enhance their visit.

  • What are the big ideas or themes in the exhibition?
  • What information about the artworks can be learned from the labels?
  • Can one learn even more about the works of art by looking at them from different viewpoints?
  • Why are certain works of art presented on their own and others with a group of objects?
  • What can photographs and videos teach us?
  • How is color used in the gallery?

transparent-green-checkmark-hiPick up a calendar of events and plan your next visit around an activity designed especially for children.

transparent-green-checkmark-hiBring a snack and take a break in the courtyard.

transparent-green-checkmark-hiMake a day of it! Visit other campus destinations like the UCLA Sculpture Garden and Hammer Museum.


Family Guide

Designed to guide our younger visitors’ experience of Intersections, our permanent collections gallery, this brochure for 5-12 year-olds enhances their visit with stories of peoples from around the world, matching games, and sketching activities.

Download a copy now.



ArtVentures: Puzzle and Play

Bag 3.3

green-arrow-clip-art-kes-groupLaunch your family on an ArtVenture during your next visit to the Fowler Museum. A tote bag full of puzzles awaits to help families play their way through Intersections!

green-arrow-clip-art-kes-groupAsk for ArtVentures: Puzzle and Play at the information desk in the Museum’s lobby.