Art and Action

This section considers these ideas in relation to the objects and their makers. It celebrates the artists of these works as important cultural actors and demonstrates how artists from the societies represented were pioneers and explorers. Pushing the boundaries of the knowable world through their creations, they produced channels through which humans could mediate myriad relationships, both earthly and divine.

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  • X83.687 Bowl

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    Artist: Jumai Pitiri Gulcoss
    Tera peoples
    Circa 1970
    H: 11.5 cm, Diam: 24.0 cm (H: 4.5 in, Diam: 9.4 in)
    Fowler Museum at UCLA. Gift of Barbara Rubin-Hudson. X83.687

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  • X87.171 Flower basket

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    Flower basket
    19th-20th century
    Bamboo, tree root, rattan
    H: 45.5 cm, W: 29.0 cm, D: 27.0 cm (H: 17.9 in, W: 11.4 in, D: 10.6 in)
    Gift of Nancy and Richard Bloch. X87.171

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  • X89.367 Chair of power (kiti cha enzi)

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    Object Name: Chair of power (kiti cha enzi)

    Artist: Unknown

    Culture: Swahili peoples

    Place of Origin: Zanzibar, Tanzania

    Date/Era: 1989

    Medium/Materials: Wood, ivory, string

    Dimensions: H: 123.0 cm (H: 48.4 in)

    Credit Line: Fowler Museum at UCLA. Gift of Steve and Linda Nelson.

    Accession Number: X89.367

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  • X92.16 Headrest

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    Cenderawasih Bay, West Papua (New Guinea), Indonesia
    19th-early 20th century
    H: 18.0 cm, W: 16.5 cm, D: 5.5 cm (H: 7.1 in, W: 6.5 in, D: 2.2 in)
    The Jerome L. Joss Collection. X92.16

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  • X95.38.75 Areca nut cutter, pair of lovers

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    Areca nut cutter, pair of lovers
    Tamil Nadu, India
    16th-17th century
    L: 16.0 cm, W: 10.5 cm, H: 4.0 cm (L: 6.2 in, W: 4.1 in, H: 1.5 in)
    Fowler Museum at UCLA. Gift of Samuel Eilenberg. X95.38.75

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  • X95.5.1 Crown

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    Object Name: Crown

    Artist: José Rodriguez (b. 1956)

    Place of Origin: Brooklyn, New York, United States

    Culture: Yoruba peoples

    Date/Era: 1997

    Dimensions: W: 22.0 cm, D: 24.0 cm, H: 60.5 cm (W: 8.7 in, D: 9.4 in, H: 23.8 in)

    Medium/Materials: Beads, thread, feathers, fabric, wood, shells

    Credit Line: Fowler Museum at UCLA. Museum purchase, Commissioned by the Fowler Museum.

    Accession Number: X95.5.1

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  • X96.8.62 Stirrup spout bottle

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    Object Name: Stirrup spout bottle

    Artist: Unknown

    Culture: Moche

    Place of Origin: Peru, north coast

    Date/Era: 100 – 800 C.E.

    Medium/Materials: Ceramic

    Dimensions: H: 24.9 cm, W: 18.5 cm, D: 22.0 cm (H: 9.8 in, W: 7.2 in, D: 8.6 in)

    Credit Line: Fowler Museum at UCLA. Gift of Franklin D. and Judith H. Murphy.

    Accession Number: X96.8.62

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