Fowler Out Loud: Krista Marina
Concert / Performance
6:00 to 7:00
Wed, April 8, 2020

Alternative pop singer/songwriter Krista Marina pulls from jazz, blues, and sometimes folk influences. Although inspired by artists like Amy Winehouse, Alicia Keys, and H.E.R., Krista’s own style is evident in her music.


Fowler Out Loud is an evening concert series that invites UCLA students from various disciplines to perform at the Museum. To celebrate the university’s centennial, performances will highlight the rich legacy of UCLA’s musical history, from Duke Ellington’s soulful jazz compositions to John Williams’ epic film scores. Each performance will begin with an introduction by Spencer Hart, Coordinator, Fowler Out Loud Series. Support for Fowler Out Loud comes from the UCLA Office of Residential Life.

Parking available in UCLA Lot 4, 198 Westwood Plaza, directly off Sunset Blvd
$3/hr or max $13/day. Visitor drop-off address is 305 Royce Drive.