Fowler Out Loud: DaEun Jung
Concert / Performance
6:00 to 7:00
Wed, October 18, 2017

Inspired by Korean dance forms and Merce Cunningham’s “chance operation” method, choreographer/dancer DaEun Jung and pansori singer Melody Sim structure their performance with the Korean alphabet Hangul. Jung also features Chantal Cherry in her opening piece, Byoul part 1, and premieres a new work, 4-3-1-5-2, with West African choreographer and drummer Wilfried Souly.


Fowler Out Loud is an evening concert series that invites UCLA students from various disciplines to perform at the museum.
Support for Fowler Out Loud comes from the UCLA Office of Residential Life.

Parking available in UCLA Lot 4, 221 Westwood Plaza, directly off Sunset Blvd | $12/day