Culture Fix: Curator Joanna Barrkman on Dress and Identity
Talk / Lecture
12:00 to 1:00
Wed, May 16, 2018

A newly installed section in Intersections explores attire and body adornment created by Iban, Bidayuh, Kenyah, Kayan, and Maloh peoples of Sarawak, Malaysia, and West Kalimantan, Indonesia. Senior Curator of Southeast Asian and Pacific Arts Joanna Barrkman illuminates the range of influences on these designs as well as the techniques of their production.

Culture Fixes are short-format, informal gallery talks featuring artists, curators, and other luminaries. No reservation required. All talks are free of charge.

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About the Exhibition

Intersections: World Arts, Local Lives explores the roles that art plays in creating meaning and defining purpose for people across the globe. Art is not only a reflection of culture but can actively shape thought and experience. The objects on display have all intervened in the lives of those who made or used them—whether to educate, solve problems, assert leadership, assist in remembering, or provision loved ones in the afterlife.