Warpped in Pride

Wrapped in Pride

Ghanaian Kente and African American Identity

Edited by Doran H. Ross with contributions by Agbenyega Adedze, Abena P. A. Busia, Nii O. Quarcoopome, Betsy D. Quick, Raymond Silverman, and Anne Spencer


Kente is not only the best known of all African textiles, it is also one of the most admired of all fabrics worldwide. Originating among the Asante peoples of Ghana and the Ewe peoples of Ghana and Togo, this brilliantly colored and intricately patterned strip-woven cloth was traditionally associated with the royalty. Over time, however, it has come to be worn and used in many different contexts. In Wrapped in Pride, seven distinguished scholars present an exhaustive examination of the history of kente from its earliest use in Ghana to its present-day impact in the African Diaspora.



9 x 12 inches, 248 pages
702 color and 50 b/w illustrations, 1 map
ISBN 0-930741-69-2, paper, $45