Jose Montoya's Abundant Harvest: Works on Paper / Works on Life

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Edited By Richard Montoya and Selene Preciado

Chicano activist, poet, artist, intellectual, professor, and musician, José Montoya (1932-2013) was a veritable Renaissance man. Montoya often found inspiration in the verdant fields of the San Joaquin Valley where his family arrived from their home in New Mexico in the 1940s looking for work. The visual artist and poet humanized the farmworker and understood the backbreaking work of field labor from firsthand experience. A Chicano civil rights activist, he marched alongside Cesar Chavez and advanced the cause of the United Farm Workers movement to bring justice and dignity to agricultural laborers.

José Montoya’s Abundant Harvest honors the artist’s prolific work as well as his subject matter in this energetic survey that includes eighty-one of his drawings.

August 2016

112 pp., 81 color illus., 8 x 10 in.
ISBN 9780990762621, paper, $20



The Americas