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Amadu Bamba wrote that his messages of peace, harmony, and hard work would reach the world, and as a growing diaspora of Mourides travel to the farthest cities of the world as merchants and laborers, they carry images of the saint with them. Their "exile" from loved ones in Senegal is made possible by the saintís presence wherever their occupations take them. In Senegal itself, Mourides engage in many global activities, for even as some leave their homeland, the world also comes to Senegal. The next gallery offers a luminous odyssey through the works of several of Senegalís justly famous contemporary artists painting and sculpting for the international art market, whose arts are based upon principles and themes from the teachings of Amadu Bamba (see Artist Portraits). Moussa Tine is among those featured. For twenty years he painted motifs on the colorful rapid-transit vans for which Dakar is so well known. Some he copied, others he invented, and his image of a running Lamp Fall is still seen on the rear doors of most car rapides. Tine achieved sufficient success to attend art school and learn to paint with acrylics, now his favorite medium. His works depict abstracted forms of Baye Falls wearing distinctive tunics, often constructed from recycled materials attached to the canvas background. Tineís Baye Falls congregate or dance as they are joyfully uplifted by Godís baraka blessing from their saint. Viyé Diba is another featured artist, who teaches at the National School of Fine Arts and whose paintings have won acclaim in several international gallery exhibitions and biennales. Diba is a conceptual artist who "aggresses" his media to test their limits. His painted collages connote the "weight" of worship and the grounding of Mouride worship. The late Mustapha Dimé (d. 1998) was a deeply reflective sculptor whose work included Quríanic boards and objects found near his seaside studio on Gorée Island, a place fraught with the difficult passages of devotion. Samba Laye, although not a Mouride, portrays Amadu Bamba in collages harboring esoteric codes as does Chalice Laye. Mouride world music stars Youssou NíDour, Thione Seck, Chiekh Lô, and Musa Dieng Kala will be heard in the gallery.


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