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é Diba
Viyé Diba is a respected professor at the National School of Fine Arts and his works are shown in museums and galleries in many parts of the world. He is faithful to the Mouride way of life. Diba often combines painting and sculpture in his work. He sews woven strips of cloth, usually used for shrouds for the dead, together to make his canvases. He mixes sand and other substances with his paint to add color and texture. Many recycled materials find their way into his works. This artist tries to extend the boundaries of his artwork and his work often goes beyond what would typically be the frame of the piece. Many of his paintings are "robes" with pockets attached into which he stuffs secret materials. Sometimes he sews the pockets closed and other times he leaves them open. To Diba they suggest the sorts of hidden knowledge dear to Sufis.

Viyé Diba
Two of a six-part collage. These canvases are linked and tied together. They are "robes" with pockets attached. The pockets contain hidden knowledge—sometimes left open and sometimes shut—and represent the constant quest of Sufis to see through veils or layers of ignorance. This quest is not made without difficulties and the robes which are tied, pulled and knotted suggest the difficulties that the learner may encounter. Our own ignorance may prevent us from understanding what is before our eyes. How would you, as an artist, embed your work with obvious and concealed knowledge?

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