Current Exhibitions

MAO to NOW: Photographs by Stephen Verona

May 15—September 11, 2016

In 1980 Stephen Verona made his initial trip to China to direct a co-produced American-Chinese film, the first in over forty years. The film crew traveled with Chinese escorts, including an army general, from Shanghai to…

Fowler in Focus: The Collector and the Dealer: Gifts of African Art from Jay T. Last and Merton D. Simpson

May 8—August 7, 2016

A museum’s collection is always in a state of change and transformation. New objects are regularly added to the permanent collection through gifts and purchases, and both donors and art dealers are key players in this process…

Art of the Austronesians: The Legacy of Indo-Pacific Voyaging

April 24—August 28, 2016

Art of the Austronesians explores the history and development of the arts and cultures of the Austronesian-speaking peoples—from their prehistoric origins in what is now Taiwan to their successive seafaring migrations…

José Montoya’s Abundant Harvest: Works on Paper/Works on Life

February 21 – July 17, 2016

Chicano activist, poet, artist, intellectual, professor, and musician, José Montoya (1932-2013) was a veritable Renaissance man. Montoya often found inspiration in the verdant fields of the San Joaquin Valley…

Intersections: World Arts, Local Lives

On ongoing display

“Spanning centuries of multicultural creativity, this exhibition is the kind of art experience that might restore your faith in the sad old human comedy. How nice that the installation is on long-term view.”  The New York Times, Oct. 1, 2006…

Reflecting Culture: The Francis E. Fowler, Jr. Collection of Silver

On permanent display

Comprising 251 objects representing 16th through 19th century Europe, Great Britain and the United States, this exhibition interprets silver in its social contexts. Gleaming vessels from renowned workshops—such as those of British silversmith Paul de Lamerie…