Lesson 3: Ananse, the Weavers, and the Wearers

Lesson Summary

Students are introduced to the production of kente cloth by Asante of Ghana and Ewe weavers in Ghana and Togo and to the great variety and richness of cloth patterns and names. Experiences engage them in an understanding of the principles of dress; they will also consider the involvement of young people in the responsibilities of cloth production. Art making activities enhance students' understanding of the weaving process, encouraging their subsequent exploration of kente design and patterns in the next lesson.

Objectives and Goals

  1. By analyzing their own and others' dress, students will demonstrate their understanding of the important roles that dress serves in society.
  2. Students' explanations of the steps involved in the making of kente and their participation in simple weaving activities will reveal their understanding of the weaving process.
  3. In a parent' supervised experience, students take on additional family responsibilities, enhancing their understanding of the importance of children's tasks in the kente weaving process in Ghana.