The Heritage of African Music

African Music: Unit 3: Rhythms of the Soul - African Instruments in the Diaspora

Questions for Thought:

  • How does music help maintain a feeling of community among individuals?
  • How can non-musical circumstances affect the progression of musical styles or genres?
  • How does a newly introduced music become one's own?
  • How can people, denied the use of instruments, still make music?
  • How can musical sound reflect geographical or social boundaries? How does it transcend borders?
  • What constitutes an "urban" sound? A "rural" sound?
  • How might musical changes result from loss, survival, or innovation?


African Music: Unit 4: Music in the Life of Africa

Questions for Thought:

  • How do the many distinct experiences of our lives come together in music?
  • What roles can music play in the political life or aspirations of a people?
  • In what ways can music structure or even mandate a religious event or experience?
  • How are music, play, and education intertwined?
  • How can a people's cultural legacy be transmitted through music?
  • What roles do music play in your life?